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"Congress has become mentally bankrupt, is frustrated...": JP Nadda on Priyank Kharge's jibe at PM Modi

Bengaluru: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president JP Nadda on Monday hit out at Congress over remarks of Priyank Kharge against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying the opposition party has become "mentally bankrupt" as they have already lost the Karnataka election.

"Congress has become mentally bankrupt and is frustrated as they have already lost the election. Electorate of Karnataka doesn't approve such things," Nadda told ANI. He was asked about the jibe of Priyank Kharge, son of Congress chief Mallikarjun Khare, against the Prime Minister.
Priyank Kharge took "nalayak beta" jibe at PM Modi, days after Mallikarjun Kharge stoked a massive row with his "poisonous snake" remarks.

"...When PM Modi had come to Kalaburgi, he said 'aap sab dariye mat, Banjara community ka ek beta Delhi mein baitha hai' (do not be scared, a son from the Banjara community is sitting in Delhi). 'Aisa nalayak beta baithega toh ghar kaise chalega' (if the son is useless, how will the house be run)?" Priyank Kharge said.

Nadda said "such type of venom" is coming out "because of the frustration" of Congress.
"The venom is there in their mind. I want to make it very clear that the electorate of Karnataka does not approve of such things. Their love and affection for Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been growing more and more. The language spoken by Congress must be condemned by one and all. This is their desperation because they are losing," he said.

Slamming Priyank Kharge's barb at PM Modi, BJP leader Shobha Karandlaje said the people of the state love the senior BJP leader.

"The Congress president said in a campaign speech that Prime Minister Modi is a poisonous snake. Now, his son has gone a step further, calling him a 'nalayak beta'. Priyanka Gandhi called PM Modi Hitler. Congress should know that he is not the BJP's PM but of the entire India. The people of Karnataka love him. They have shown their respect for him (during roadshows) in the last two days," she said.
Mallikarjun Kharge had compared PM Modi to a "poisonous snake" but had later issued a clarification saying his remarks were aimed at the BJP and he did not intend to hurt anyone.

"PM Modi is like a 'poisonous snake'. You might to check if it's poison or not. But if you lick it, you're dead," Kharge had said at an election rally.
PM Modi on Sunday hit back at Congress over Kharge's jibe by making a reference to Lord Shiva and said he prefers "being the snake adorning the necks of the people who I see as God".

He said people of the state will give Congress a "befitting answer".

"Today, when I am fighting against corruption, the Congress can't take it. They are now threatening me. They are saying 'Modi teri kabra khudegi' (your grave will be dug). It seems the Congress' only talking point in Karnataka is snake poison. They are comparing me to a snake and seeking votes on it. For me, the poeple of the country are like Lord Shiva. I prefer being the snake adorning the necks of the people who I see as God. The people of Karnataka will give them a befitting answer on May 10."

The polls for the 224-seat Karnataka Assembly are scheduled to take place on May 10 and the counting of votes will be done on May 13. (ANI)

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