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Congress candidate Roselina Tirkey files nomination from Kaziranga parliamentary constituency

Golaghat (Assam): Roselina Tirkey, the Congress candidate for Kaziranga parliamentary constituency, filed her nomination papers in Golaghat on Tuesday.

During the nomination submission, she was accompanied by Assam Pradesh Congress Committee president Bhupen Kumar Borah and other Congress MLAs, leaders.

Addressing the media after filing her nomination, Roselina Tirkey emphasized the need to counter alleged divisive politics perpetuated by the current BJP government in Assam and across India.

"I have come as a representative of the Indian National Congress. The present BJP government in Assam and our country, India, is engaged in divisive politics against that divisiveness. Today, everyone has raised awareness and blessed me, and I have taken an oath. Today, I am moving forward for the people here, and receiving everyone's respect feels good to me. This is the battle we have on April 19th, and in that, we hope for the victory of the people over the BJP and a peaceful environment in India," Roselina Tirkey said.

Bhupen Kumar Borah, President of the Assam Pradesh Congress Committee, expressed optimism in Tirkey's ability to secure victory, citing the perceived betrayal by the BJP towards the people of Assam and predicting that the electorate would make the right decision in the upcoming election.

"Roselina has been in the Assam Vidhan Sabha for 5 years and is the General Secretary of our Pradesh Congress. She was a legislator from Kaziranga and is now our Congress candidate, and Roselina is sure to win. The betrayal by the BJP towards the people of Assam will be evident, and the people of Assam will make the right decision in this election. After June 4th, everyone will know the opinion of the people of Assam. In the first phase of elections in Assam for 5 seats, Congress will win them all," said Bhupen Kumar Bora.

There are a total of 14 parliamentary constituencies in Assam.

Elections in the 14 Lok Sabha constituencies of Assam are scheduled to take place in three stages, with polling days set for April 19, April 26, and May 7.

In the Lok Sabha elections of 2014, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) secured 7 of the 14 seats in Assam. Both the Congress and the All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF) claimed three seats each.

During the 2019 elections, the BJP increased its seat count to 9, while the Congress maintained its three seats, and the AIUDF won a single seat.

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