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Competition in Congress, INDI alliance over Muslim reservation dangerous: CM Yogi

Lucknow: Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath slammed the parties of the INDIA Alliance over giving reservations based on religion and said that the competition among opposition parties to give reservations to Muslims is dangerous.
Describing Congress's history as tainted in this matter and calling the Samajwadi Party a party that has crossed the limits of appeasement, Yogi said, "Reservation based on religion is against the basic spirit of the Indian Constitution and is completely unconstitutional. This should not be accepted at all."
The Chief Minister said that if an attempt is made to impose Muslim reservations based on religion, it will be a challenge to the integrity of the country.
Before leaving for the Ghosi parliamentary constituency for the Lok Sabha election campaign on Monday, CM Yogi said, "The competition among opposition parties to give reservations to Muslims is dangerous."
CM Yogi said that the history of Congress has been very tainted in this matter. During the UPA government at the Center, Congress made a despicable attempt to cut the OBC share in the reservation and give it to Muslims by forming the Justice Ranganath Mishra Committee in 2006.
Similarly, Congress had made a disgusting attempt to make a dent in the reservation of Scheduled Castes by forming a committee under the chairmanship of Justice Rajendra Sachar and including some Muslim castes in the Scheduled Castes. BJP and NDA had opposed both the cases.
The UP Chief Minister said that when Congress was in power in Andhra Pradesh, it had given reservation to Muslims from the OBC reservation. Whereas in Karnataka, the Congress government has made a dent in the reservation of OBCs by including all the Muslim castes in OBCs.
CM Yogi said that the parties of the Indi alliance can go to any extent for Muslim appeasement. RJD leader Lalu Prasad Yadav has already said in Bihar that all Muslims should get reservations. Now from where will this reservation be available, it is obvious that these people want to divide the reservation of OBC, SC-ST and give it to Muslims.
The Chief Minister said that not only this but in its election manifesto of 2012 and 2014, the Samajwadi Party had advocated giving reservations to Muslims. SP mischievously crossed the limits of appeasement and playing with the security of the then 20 crore population of Uttar Pradesh, abolished 54 companies of PAC. At that time, the SP government had tried to give 15 per cent Muslim reservation in the recruitment of PAC.

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