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CM Siddaramaiah highlights historical significance of Karnataka, its contribution to culture

Kalaburagi: Chief Minister Siddaramaiah addressed the Kalyana Karnataka Utsava-2023 in Kalaburagi, commemorating the 75 anniversary of the Kalyana Karnataka Liberation and a decade since the special status was conferred on the region through the implementation of Article 371(j) of the Constitution.

In his speech, he emphasized the historical significance of the region, its contribution to Indian culture, and the government's commitment to its development.
"Today, we celebrate 75 years of Kalyana Karnataka Liberation and a decade of the region being conferred with special status under Article 371(j)," Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said in his address.

Siddaramaiah added, "This region has a rich history and has contributed significantly to Kannada language, culture, and art. It is a land of great rulers like the Kalyana Chalukyas, Bahamani Sultans, and Rashtrakootas."

The Chief Minister paid homage to the freedom fighters who played a pivotal role in the liberation of Hyderabad Karnataka and recognized Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, India's first Home Minister, for his key role in integrating the region into the Indian federal system.
Siddaramaiah also acknowledged the region's contribution to literature, mentioning the renowned Amoghavarsha Nrupatunga, who authored the first available Kannada literary work, Kavirajamarga.
He praised the region's tradition of communal harmony and its cultural richness.

The Chief Minister expressed gratitude to the people of Kalyana Karnataka for their support and for electing a government that prioritizes their welfare.
He spoke about the Hyderabad Karnataka Development Board, established in 1990 to address regional imbalances, and its efforts to accelerate development in Kalaburagi, Bidar, Raichur, and Ballari districts.
The implementation of Article 371(j) brought special status to the region, but Chief Minister Siddaramaiah recognized that the desired development outcomes were not fully realized despite special grants allocated to the board.

It was the continuous efforts of leaders like Dr. Mallikarjun Kharge and N. Dharam Singh that led to the amendment of the Constitution and the implementation of Article 371(j) during the UPA government led by Dr. Manmohan Singh.
The Chief Minister outlined his government's efforts to transform the region.

Measures such as reservations in employment and education, financial empowerment schemes, and the upcoming Yuva Nidhi scheme under the concept of Universal Basic Income were highlighted as initiatives that aim to improve the quality of life for the people of Kalyana Karnataka.
Siddaramaiah underlined his government's commitment to development for all, regardless of caste or religion, and outlined projects to improve education and healthcare.
He spoke about the formation of the Kalyana Karnataka Regional Development Board and its efforts to bring revolutionary changes in education.
Additionally, he discussed initiatives for rural development, including setting up creches and community toilets.

The Chief Minister emphasized the importance of water resources and the government's measures to combat drought in the region.
He mentioned the allocation of funds under SCSP/TSP and the protection of land ownership rights for SC/ST communities.

Siddaramaiah also highlighted the progress made in the region through initiatives such as Arivu Kendras, healthcare improvements, and tourism development.
In his concluding remarks, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah reiterated his commitment to the development of Kalyana Karnataka and the welfare of its people.
He urged citizens to protect freedom of speech and religion, which he viewed as endangered by certain anti-social factors.
The Chief Minister concluded by expressing the government's unwavering determination to usher in a new era of development in the region through result-oriented programs.

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