Monday, July, 15,2024

CM, MLAs busy fighting in Raj: Modi

Ajmer: The BJP started its election campaign in Rajasthan on Wednesday with PM Narendra Modi addressing a rally in Ajmer. Addressing the public meeting from Kayad Vishram Sthali, PM Modi not only spread the propaganda of BJP’s policies but also fiercely attacked the Cong-led Gehlot govt.

“Rajasthan is the land of heroes. Congress always cheated the heroes here. For four decades, the Congress kept on betraying the soldiers in the name of One Rank, One Pension. If there was no BJP govt, no one would have got this benefit,” he said. Attacking the Gehlot govt regarding loan waiver, Modi said that the loan waiver of farmers was guaranteed in 10 days, which has not been fulfilled till date and Rajasthan needs to be careful with Cong. “MLAs, Ministers, and CM are busy fighting with each other in Rajasthan,” he said. PM mentioned the schemes of the Centre related to women and daughters.

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