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CM Jagan forced teachers to act as security guards before liquor shops, says TDP's Nara Lokesh

Tirupati: Telugu Desam Party (TDP) National General Secretary Nara Lokesh on Sunday attacked Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy and said that the CM forced teachers to act as security guards before liquor shops.
Expressing deep concern over the humiliation meted out to the teaching community Lokesh on Sunday said, "Teachers, who are in the sacred profession and design the future generations, are forced to work as security guards before liquor shops." Notably, the leaders of the Andhra Pradesh Teachers Federation (APTF) met Lokesh at the Bhagyanagar Campsite in the Chandragiri Assembly segment and explained their problems. The leaders wanted a fixed policy for the transfer of teachers and also payment of their salaries on the first of every month.
According to the teachers, since there is no security for their provident fund and the amount paid by them for insurance, the payment should be made to them whenever they need funds. The teachers also wanted the facial recognition system to be withdrawn and the biometric system to be reintroduced as during the TDP regime.
In response to the problems, Lokesh said, "Except for the Jagan Mohan Reddy government, till now cases were not registered against the teachers who fought for their genuine demands. He promised to solve all their demands once the TDP forms the government again and also create a friendly atmosphere in which they can discharge their duties in a free and fair manner."
Expressing serious concern over the teachers drafting for duties like security guards before liquor shops, Lokesh said, "Better facilities will be provided to the community. Also, both English and Telugu media will be reintroduced in all the educational institutions."
Before beginning his pada yatra 'Yuva Galam' on Sunday, Lokesh had a special darshan of goddess Padmavati at Tiruchanur. The fans of Lokesh welcomed him with 'Gaja Mala' in the temple precincts.
Earlier, Lokesh visited the level causeway at Thanapalli.
The locals explained to Lokesh that the causeway was washed away in the floods that lashed the area in November last.
According to Lokesh, inefficient administration and poor knowledge of the issues concerned caused such situations and CM Jagan was resting at Tadepalli palace when the floods lashed the area.
He said, "The causeway across the Swarnamukhi river too got damaged due to the floods and till now no remedial measures have been initiated."
Lokesh promised to take up the causeway works soon after the TDP comes back to power.
Interacting with representatives of the Backward Classes (BC) community at Bhagyanagar, Lokesh said, "Funds will be allocated to the community as per the population ratio when the TDP forms the government again."
''My sole aim is to see to it that no person from the BC community should suffer from poverty. I will take all possible measures to this effect once we are back in power,'' he told the community representatives.
Assuring them that all the welfare schemes that are discontinued now will be revived, Lokesh told the community representatives that it is the TDP that is fighting with the Centre for the census of BCs.
He said, "The instruments bought during the TDP regime under the Adarana Scheme are not being utilised and the financial assistance for foreign studies for BCs is discontinued."
Observing that he has never seen anyone who is into the liquor business progress, Lokesh pointed out that CM Jagan is more interested in manufacturing spurious liquor.
He said, "It was the Late NT Rama Rao, who created 20 per cent reservations for BCs in local bodies which was later increased to 34 per cent by Chandrababu Naidu. But CM Jagan brought it down to 24 per cent."
The TDP leader also promised to take the reservations back to 34 per cent once the party is into the government again. (ANI)

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