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CM has made ACB a lion without teeth: CP Joshi

Jaipur: BJP state president CP Joshi attacked the state govt over growing corruption cases and said that the fear of law and administration has ended among corrupt officers and employees. He said that there are more than 500 cases registered in the ACB and approval for action against the accused is in a limbo. Approval has been given in only 13 cases and refusal in 29. This has sent a message that even if they are caught, they will be acquitted due to poor law and order.

Joshi said that CM Gehlot may take credit for taking maximum action against the corrupt but in reality the figures are opposite. Gehlot is flouting his zero tolerance policy on corruption. “The ACB has been reduced to a tiger without teeth and claws, which can only growl,” he said.

ACB has registered hundreds of cases in the last four-and-a-half years after the Congress govt came to power, but there are more than 500 cases in which, despite being caught red-handed while taking bribes, prosecution sanction has not been received from their departments against those officers and employees. “Does the Chief Minister not even have so much hold on the officers of the state that he should give approval on these matters immediately or does the CM not want action to be taken against the corrupt officers and employees,” he questioned.

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