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Chhattisgarh: Tribal Dance Festival is insult to tribals, says former BJP minister Kedar Kashyap; Congress minister retaliates

Raipur: Former BJP minister Kedar Kashyap has said that the Tribal Dance Festival which is going to be organised from November 1, is an insult to tribal after the reduction of their 32 per cent reservation.

He made the above remark at a press conference in Raipur on Saturday. "Protests are being held continuously about the issue of reservation, but the Chief Minister is not ready to talk with any organisation. Today, this government is celebrating by cancelling the reservation of tribal," Kashyap said.

He further said, "About 32 tribal organisations state that there should not be a tribal dance festival. If the tribals are against it, then for whom is CM Baghel organising this dance festival? Why is the Chief Minister sprinkling salt on the wounds of tribal through this festival?"

Besides, he should give an answer to why the priority in the recruitment of local people was abolished? The tribal are continuously demonstrating, they are not happy with the government. What else do they want to prove by calling people from outside here?

Kashyap also accused the government of disorder at the last tribal dance festival. The Congress government is constantly doing politics with the tribal, he added.

Kashyap also commented on the death of Deputy Speaker of Chhattisgarh Manoj Mandavi, "After the death of a tribal son, the government should not do this type of politics". The BJP has demanded from the state government to stop the tribal dance festival.

On the other hand, Congress minister Amarjeet Bhagat retaliated against the statement of Kedar Kashyap. Baghat said, "Kedar Kashyap does not have any right to speak. When he was the Tribal Welfare Minister, he should have presented the response at the time when a case was filed in the court against the reservation of tribals. He did not present the side, following which the court reduced the 32% reservation to 20%. The first mistake is of BJP, Raman Singh and Kedar Kashyap".

"Kedar had closed 3,000 schools in the state, which our government has now started. Kedar Kashyap does not have the right to speak in Bastar. Raman Singh has not worked on taking the tribal culture forward in front of the country and the world. Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel is doing it and the tribal society should be proud that the whole world is looking and is recognizing Chhattisgarh," minister Bhagat added. (ANI)

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