Friday, December, 02,2022

Chhattisgarh CM launches second edition of 'Bhent-Mulaqat' scheme in Raigarh

Raigarh: Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Bahgel on Wednesday visited Raigarh in-lieu of 'Bhent-Mulaqat' scheme of the state government.
Talking about, the 'Bhent-Mulaqat' scheme, Baghel told ANI, "It is through this scheme that the people's issues reach us, that is why there is a dialogue in the meeting, information about the schemes, for the farmers, for the school children. We have made many schemes for tribals, women, labourers, farmers, and its benefits are being given to the beneficiaries." He further, said, "Whether or not everyone is getting the ration in the APL card or the caste certificate in the BPL card. We directly question all these things to the general public and if even necessary instructions have to be given, we also give, if an action has to be taken, we also do it, if where the officials do their work correctly, then action is also taken."
When asked about which scheme of his Government is most successful and which scheme is getting more feedback, Baghel, replied, "The biggest thing is that we have increased the income of the general public. The farmer who are benefiting under the Rajiv Gandhi Kisan Yojana, are given input subsidies, which has benefited them a lot and has changed their standard of living a lot. There is 44% forest in Chhattisgarh, and we also buy 74% of the whole country's minor forest produce, in Chhattisgarh, tendu leaves are made from 4000 per standard bag and 65 types of minor forest produce are its support price. By declaring and arranging for its purchase, then a lot of change has come in the lives of tribals, giving them forest rights recognition letters under Forest IT Act is also a matter of community claim, forest resource rights have also been made as per rules."
He further spoke about health and education schemes in Chattisgarh, "We have been very successful with the Haat Bazar Clinic scheme, we are also getting cheap medicines under Shri Dhanwantri Yojana and we are giving assistance up to 20 lakhs under Dr Khubchand Baghel health scheme up to 500000. On the education side, Swami Atmanand English School and Hindi School, there is a big demand for it, last year 279 schools were operated by us and 422 schools will start from next education session. In this way, 700 schools will be ours." (ANI)

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