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Chhattisgarh CM Bhupesh Baghel takes part in Garba Raas on Navratri

Raipur: Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel on Sunday took part in the Garba Raas at his residence in traditional attire on the occasion of Navratri.

The Congress leader performed Garba along with the participants and interacted with them. He also performed the Navratri Puja on the occasion.

Earlier on Sunday on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, Baghel inaugurated the ambitious 'Mahatma Gandhi Industrial Park Scheme' of the Chhattisgarh government and laid the foundation stone of 300 rural industrial parks in different districts of the state.
While talking to the media, he said that the Chhattisgarh government is working on the path taught by Mahatma Gandhi.
"Our government is walking on the path taught by Mahatma Gandhi. We have started schemes for farmers, labourers, Gaupalak and those living in forests," Baghel said.
Navratri, which is dedicated to the worship of Maa Durga and her nine avatars - Navdurga, will commence on September 26 and end on October 5. Navratri celebrates the killing of the demon Mahishasura and the victory of good over evil. Devotees worship the nine avatars of Maa Durga during the nine-day Navratri festival, seeking their blessings. Each day of Navratri is associated with an incarnation of the goddess. (ANI)

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