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"Cheap division-mongering in name of religion" DMK leader Raja slams Annamalai for sharing TR Balu's "edited" video

Chennai: Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam leader TR Balu's son and party's IT Wing Secretary, TRB Rajaa slammed K Annamalai for sharing an "edited video" of Balu alleging that the Tamil Nadu BJP chief resorted to "cheap division-mongering in the name of religion."
This comes a day after Annamalai shared a part of the speech of DMK minister T R Balu and said this was the reason for seeking the dissolution of the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments (HR&CE) Department. Sharing the video clip on Twitter, Annamalai said, "DMK men take pride in demolishing 100-year-old Hindu temples. The very reason we want the HR&CE dissolved and want temples freed from the clutches of government."
As the subtitles of the part of the speech shared by Annamalai read, TR Baalu had said in Madurai, "100 years old temple, I am the person who demolished it. In my hometown, in my constituency Saraswati temple, Lakshmi Temple and What's the other god? Parvathy Temple, these 3 temples in my constituency are located at GST Road. These 3 temples were demolished by me. I know that I wouldn't get votes for it. But I also know how to get votes from the people. Votes would never pour in, never demolish temple, my friends lamented."
Hitting back at the BJP leader, TRB Rajaa said that "Cheap division-mongering" in the name of religion is the "only agenda" of the party.
"Cheap division-mongering in the name of religion is the only agenda of silly wannabe mushrooms like aattukutty and his ilk. While we strive to engage in civil dialogue for the overall well-being of the state, it's sad to see the party which rules a nation give space to immature half-baked attention seekers to use a chair occupied by some respectable individuals who fought the political fight based on ideology & programme implementation rather than wanting to feed of the impact of cheap #FakeNews & edited videos," Raja tweeted.
DMK spokesperson TKS Elangovan also condemned Annamalai and alleged that the BJP is trying to "disrupt peace in Tamil Nadu".
"We strongly condemn BJP State President Annamalai for sharing an edited and doctored video of a speech of TR Balu. BJP is trying to disrupt peace in Tamil Nadu. BJP State President Annamalai should stop doing cheap politics," he said.
DMK leader Balu made the alleged remarks on Friday while criticising the BJP-led government for halting the Sethusamudram Ship Canal Project, during an event organised in Madurai.
A grand waterway project straddling India and Sri Lanka, the Sethusamudram project proposes to connect the Palk Strait with the Gulf of Mannar. The project is seen as key to bringing economic prosperity to the state and the country.
Commissioned in 2005, the project came to a halt in light of protests by rightwing groups claiming that the project may harm the 'Ram Setu' bridge, which is believed to have been built by Lord Ram to reach Sri Lanka.
On January 13, Annamalai said the Sethusamudram waterway project would only benefit a few shipping companies owned by leaders of the ruling DMK.
The BJP leader posted a series of tweets, hitting out at Chief Minister MK Stalin and voicing opposition to the Sethusamudram project.
Annamalai took to Twitter saying, "(The) BJP conducted a press meeting to clarify to the people of Tamil Nadu how @CMOTamilnadu misled the assembly with half-truths and lies about the Sethu Samudram Project. Accepting the resolution should not be misconstrued as an acceptance of Alignment 4a."
"BJP stated categorically that we will not let this project proceed under alignment 4a (Destruction of Ram Setu will not be allowed for the execution of this project)," Annamalai posted.
He added that the fact-finding team commissioned by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, to study the feasibility of the project, is yet to make its submission on Ram Setu.
Targeting CM MK Stalin, the BJP state unit chief said the latter ignored a Tsunami expert's advice and continued with the project.
"@CMOTamilnadu also ignored the advice of Tsunami expert Prof Tad S Murthy, who said destruction to Ram Setu could cause a Tsunami in this region," Annamalai said, adding that former CM J Jayalalithaa had also pointed out that the Sethusamudram canal cannot handle large cargo shipments.
"Also, the Sethusamudram project might only benefit the shipping companies owned by DMK leaders, TR Baalu and Kanimozhi," Annamalai had said in a tweet. (ANI)

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