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Centre approves new Nano 'game changer' fertilizer, IFFCO says it will help increase farmers' income

New Delhi: Fertiliser cooperative IFFCO on Saturday announced that its IFFCO Nano DAP fertilizer has been approved for sale by the Government of India and will prove to be a game changer for Indian farmers.
"IFFCO will manufacture Nano DAP fertilizer which is a game changer for Indian agriculture a d economy. It will cost between Rs 600-700 much cheaper than the conventional DAP, IFFCO Chief Dr US Awasthi said. "It's again a giant step towards Attmanirbhar Bharat and Attmanirbhar Krishi. It is also a way forward for Sahkar Se Samriddhi," he tweeted.
Nano DAP LIQUID is a unique foliar formulation that supplies nano Nitrogen (8.0 per cent) and Phosphorus (16.0 per cent) to crops.
It is suitable for all crops as Seed Primer, Growth Enhancer, Productivity and Quality Booster. Nano DAP use efficiency is more than 90 per cent under optimum conditions.
Application of nano DAP reduces the requirement of conventional DAP and other phosphatic fertilizers while decreasing farmers' input cost as well as the pollution of Soil, Air and Water.
Its benefits are that it increases seed germination and improves root development along with reducing fertilizer cost and increasing farmers' income. (ANI)

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