Wednesday, October, 27,2021

Captain putting a ‘hold’ on Harish Choudhary’s ‘elevation’?

New Delhi: Now that Punjab ‘crisis’ seems to have been averted, and election in U’khand are to be concentrated, Cong may undergo a major change soon under which Raj Revenue Min Harish Choudhary could be named Pun in-charge.

But when will this ‘appointment’ be done? However, highly placed sources reveal that there is a ‘holdup’ in the appointment since High Command itself has kept the issue of appointment on back burner, for now.

This approach has been adopted by High Command since senior Cong leaders are in acontact with ex-Punjab CM Amarinder, who are trying their best to pacify Captain, get him back into party’s ‘mainstream’. 

It is due to this that Choudhary’s name is not being announced as state in-charge since, sources claim, Captain & Choudhary have been at opposite ends of spectrum in past.

If Choudhary is given Pun assignment, it could lead to complications between captain and Cong. Thus political observers also say that only after Captain formally leaves Cong will Choudhary be appointed as Punjab in-charge.

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