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"But nation saw them bleed for India...": Kapil Sibal slams PM Modi's "Shahi Parivar" remark on Congress

New Delhi: After Prime Minister Narendra Modi accused the Gandhi family of advocating "secession" of Karnataka from India, former Congress leader Kapil Sibal on Monday hit back stating that the same 'shahi parivar' bled for the country.
"PM said: Congress Shahi Parivar wants Karnataka to "secede" from India. But Modiji: The nation saw them "bleed" for India -Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi. Is the NCERT going to efface those facts from textbooks?" Sibal who is also a Rajya Sabha MP tweeted on Monday. Earlier on Sunday, stepping up his attack on the Congress and setting the stage for a showdown in Karnataka, PM Modi in an election rally at Nanjangud in Mysuru district accused the Congress' "Shahi Parivar" of openly inciting foreign powers to interfere.
"Congress's Shahi Parivar (Royal family) has been openly inciting foreign powers to interfere and secretly meeting foreign diplomats who do not like India in order to influence the country's politics," he said.
"When it comes to working against the interests of India, the royal family of the Congress party is at the forefront. They openly invite foreign powers to influence the politics in India. In this election, Congress has said that they want to protect the sovereignty of Karnataka. It means that Congress is advocating for Karnataka's separation from India. The disease of the 'Tukde Tukde' gang will reach this high in Congress, I had never thought," he added.
He further accused the Congress party of "insulting" the Kannada freedom fighters who participated in India's freedom struggle."
"Congress has a history of dividing brothers, making states fight among themselves, and leaving no stone unturned in inciting communal violence. Whenever Congress party comes to power, the confidence of terrorists and criminals gets emboldened. They are assured of being protected by the Congress party. We have seen how Congress has repeatedly come in support of terrorists," he said.
Campaigning for the Karnataka Assembly polls will end today.
Karnataka will go to Assembly polls on May 10, and the counting of votes will be done on May 13. (ANI)

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