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Box Cricket Ganesh theme pandal attracting devotees in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: Different varieties of Ganesh idols are being seen across the country. Ganesha idols are available in a wide range and large varieties from non-biodegradable materials to simple eco-friendly Ganesha idols which attract devotees.
Hyderabad city this year too witnessed a wide range of Ganesh idols. However, the Begum Bazar Ganesh idols are always known for varieties of Ganesh idols and decorations. People are coming to Begum Bazar to see the variety of Ganesh idols from different parts of the city. But the box cricket Ganesh idol in Hindi Nagar of Begum Bazar area by Bal Yuva Mandal is attracting most of the devotees.
Speaking to ANI, Akash Agarwal, the organiser of the Ganesh pandal said, "Every year we install a variety of Ganesh idols. This year we have come up with this Box Cricket theme. We have installed Lord Ganesh's idol in which he is seen playing cricket. Lord Ganesh is batting, Mushak (Mouse) is bowling and Nandi is an umpire. Devotees coming here to see from different parts of the city as this is a weekend most of the people visit because of holidays."

He further said that they also give bats and balls as a gift to kids who are coming here for Darshan of Lord Ganesh.

"We have planned to distribute 5,000 bats and balls to children on visarjan day. Since 2009 we are installing Ganesh's idol here with different themes every year. For the awareness of people, we are installing a Ganesh idol made of clay from 2009 we are giving a massage to people about the pollution due to POP Ganesh. If we don't save the environment now in the coming future, there will be problems for the next generation of people," said Agarwal.

Yesh Agarwal, a devotee who came to see the pandal said, "For the last 12 years I am coming here to Begum Bazar to see a variety of Ganesh idols. I have seen Lord Ganesh's idol made of paper, glass and wide different varieties of idols we can see here. I along with my family come here every year to take the blessing of Lord Ganesh. Even I have noticed they make eco-friendly Ganesh idol here and it a good massage for the coming generation to save the environment."
The auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi has begun in full swing and people brought Lord Ganesha's idols to their homes to worship them throughout the festival. The 10 days long festival will conclude on September 9 and will end with the final immersion of the Ganesha idols, called the Visarjan. (ANI)

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