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Jaipur: CM Ashok Gehlot has targeted BJP for politics in the name of religion. Gehlot said that the people against us talk a lot, I would not like to go into them. “Tell me, are we not Hindus at all? Am I not a Hindu? What do you think? By doing Hindu-Muslim politics, they try to make us lose elections,” Gehlot said at the Pashupalak Samman ceremony at the State Institute of Agriculture Management campus in Durgapura, Jaipur on Wednesday.

“Why they defame us, is beyond our understanding. They talk about the cows. When I was the CM for the second time, the first directorate for bovines was opened in the country. The government changed and in the BJP rule it was made a department and neither the name changed nor the work changed. In five years of BJP rule, only Rs 143 crore was given as grant to Gaushalas, whereas we have given Rs 2,313 crore. Now we have made a grant of 12 months for Nandishalas,” Gehlot said.

In state- level Animal Husbandry Honour Ceremony, CM Gehlot honoured cattle rearers and announced that 25 cattle rearers will be sent abroad for training.

He said Rs 900 crore have been given to milk producers through a subsidy of Rs 5 per litre. Rs 2,313 crore grant has been given to Gaushalas in 4 years.

“The result of all these efforts is that today Rajasthan has become number 1 in milk production in the whole country. Now we have to take Saras to the forefront, leaving Gujarat’s Amul behind,” Gehlot said. The CM said that on milk production, the state government has started giving subsidy of Rs 5 per litre to milk producers from last budget. Due to this, Rajasthan has become the number one state in milk production in the country.

Animal Husbandry Minister Lalchand Kataria was also present on this occasion. 422 cattle herders were honored in the event for their innovations in the field of Animal Husbandry. Two cattle rearers Surendra Awana and Prem Singh Rao were honoured with Rs 50,000 each and citation.

After this, cattle rearers were honored at division level, district level and panchayat samiti level.
The CM also virtually inaugurated the Livestock Management Training Institute, Agra Road and the new Dairy Plant at Malpura in Tonk.

“Compensation is not being given anywhere in the country for the death of a cow from Lumpy, but we have started giving Rs 40,000 compensation,” Gehlot said.

CM Gehlot said that the electricity bill of 1 crore 4 lakh farmers will come to zero.
On this occasion, Go Seva Aayog Chairman Mevaram Jain, Animal Husbandry Secretary Krishna Kunal, RCDF Administrator and Managing Director Sushma Arora, Animal Husbandry Director Dr. Bhavani Singh Rathore, Livestock Development Board CEO Dr NM Singh were also present.

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