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BJP will prepare booth level records on lost seats

Jaipur: BJP’s review of the results contrary to expectations in the Lok Sabha elections is ongoing. The party is now busy preparing a factual report by preparing booth level data of the 11 lost seats. This report will be presented before the party high command. With the booth level data report, the party will reach a conclusion on the reasons for its defeat.

In the preliminary review done just two days ago, the party has broadly accepted that the defeat was due to the lie of ending reservation and voters divided on caste lines, but with this, BJP is now also worried that the leaders of the new team prepared by doing social engineering on the basis of castes also proved to be flops during the elections. These leaders proved unsuccessful in bringing castes in favor of BJP. This time BJP has got 9.83 percent less votes as compared to 2019.

At the same time, some big leaders of BJP who had the responsibility of many seats, remained stuck in their own seats.

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