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BJP, RSS never criticised any religion; Other political parties spread communal frenzy: RSS

New Delhi: As the politics on Ramcharitmanas controversy is intensifying, RSS leader Indresh Kumar told ANI that the Ramayana was written by Maharshi Valmiki. Any insult to the Ramayana is an insult to the whole of scheduled castes, tribal and OBC (other backward castes) community.
Speaking on various ongoing issues including the controversy over Ramcharitmanas, RSS leader Indresh Kumar said in an interview with ANI that Maharishi Valmiki gave the Ramayana to the world. "The divine message of Gita was given by Maharishi Vyas. Indian Constitution was presented by Babasaheb Ambedkar with the picture of Lord Ram and Goddess Sita. Insulting Ram, Ramayana, and Ramcharitmanas is a big insult to scheduled caste society, tribal society and OBC society. I think Ram belongs to everyone, Ram is in the people," he added. Politics on Ramcharitmanas is intensifying. Now, Bahujan Samajwadi Party (BSP) chief Mayawati has slammed both the BJP and the Samajwadi Party (SP) regarding Ramcharitmanas.
"BJP's political identity is well known by creating new controversies for narrow political and electoral interests, spreading ethnic and religious hatred, hysteria and hatred, boycott culture, religious conversion etc. but the same political form of SP in the guise of Ramcharitmanas sad and unfortunate," she tweeted.

Indresh Kumar, while speaking to ANI said, "To behave like this is a gross insult to the constitutional rules and morality of the entire human race, which is condemnable as well as punishable. I think that they will get punished for their own deeds and along with this they will be considered as those people of history who supported evils and sins."
"All the political parties are accusing BJP and RSS of spreading religious frenzy, then it will be seen that neither BJP nor RSS has said anything against any religion. We have always talked about the eternal humanity, the Hindus, who are national as well as global humanists," he added.
"All other political parties are spreading a lot of communal frenzy in the form of small groups under this guise. They will try to instigate Muslims in everything," said Indresh Kumar while speaking to ANI.
"If today the Muslim is poor, illiterate, unemployed, in humiliation, feels guilty, feels cheated, away from the mainstream, then the parties and leaders who ruled for last 60 years, who are now behaving as their well-wishers, are guilty. These people who are not standing with the Muslims are the reason for their destruction," he further added. (ANI)

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