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BJP MP Pragya Thakur demands formation of Sanatan Board

Bhopal: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Member of Parliament (MP) from Bhopal constituency, Pragya Thakur has hit the headlines after raising a demand for the formation of Sanatan Board.
Thakur on Wednesday told ANI, "Hindus were tortured a lot in India. After the formation of the BJP-led PM Modi government, justice started being delivered to everyone. But even now there are various boards, one of them is the Waqf Board which takes any land and says that the land belongs to the Waqf Board but when checked from the legal perspective, it shows that the land doesn't belong to them." She added that such mafias were flourishing in India and did not hold back in insulting Hindu temples and deities.
"Hindu follow his own rules and regulations, talk about their religion, live in their religion and do not oppose anyone anywhere. It is an irony that the temples of our Sanatani deities have become trusts and then they go into the hands of the government. It should be free from it and the money of Hindus, the donation which is collected in temples and monasteries, should be used for the development of Hindus, for the education of Hindu children, for the construction of temples and for the development of the Sanatan Dharma. So, the Sanatan Board should be formed if needed," Thakur said.

Under PM Modi's rule, the work is going on with the motto of Sabka Sath , Sabka Vikas and Sabka Prayas (everyone's support, everyone's development and everyone's effort) and we are all working, she added.
When asked about the benefit of making the board, she said, "It is our religion, we will follow our own rule and there should not be any kind of attack on it. Our temples should be independent and have their own set of rules and regulations."
Reacting to her remarks, Congress Spokesperson Ajay Yadav said, "The BJP leaders talk about hindu state and hindu religion when there is an election. While it is their government in the Centre as well as in the state, they neither make any rules nor form any board, nor do they take any such step so that all these things can be done. They are only doing politics in the name of inciting the sentiments of Hindu religion."
Commenting on the demand for formation of Sanatan Board, he said that the government should take initiative in this direction and if such a board could be formed then the Congress party would welcome it.
"Whatever work is done for the upliftment of Hindu religion, the Congress party welcomes it," Yadav added.
On the other hand, BJP spokesperson Rahul Kothari said, "The state government has always taken care of the Satana Dharma. It is a matter of deep discussion about how much there is need for the formation of Sanatan Board. But it is very clear that we don't need any such board for our protection. We are completely safe in the country." (ANI)

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