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"BJP is running away from discussions..." Mallikarjun Kharge reiterates JPC probe demand in Adani issue

New Delhi: Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge on Tuesday the centre demanding a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) or Chief Justice of India (CJI) monitored probe into the Adani issue.
He said that it needs to be found out whether the fundamentals of the Gautam Adani Group are strong or weak. Talking to ANI, Kharge said, "We are saying that we will take part in the discussion. But you accept our demand for a proper inquiry and constitution of a JPC or CJI-monitored probe on the Adani issue. Why are you nervous? What is wrong here, why can't you do it? They're running away from discussion, not us."
"They adjourn House even before we raise an issue. No mention of our Notices, they just say that the House is not in order. Did you try to make it function? They lie that we create a ruckus. BJP is an expert in lying. They're trained in lying and misleading people," he said.
A January 24 report by Hindenburg Research alleged that the Adani Group had weak business fundamentals, and was involved in stock manipulation and accounting fraud, among others. The report triggered a sell-off of shares of Adani Group companies.
Further speaking on the HAL issue, Kharge said that "Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) was not created by PM Modi, it already existed. HAL was ready to build 108 Rafale aircraft, but PM Modi decided to buy readymade aircraft from France."
Kharge said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi's allegation of the opposition regarding HAL is baseless and he is talking about HAL for the election campaign.
"Several industries came to Karnataka during Jawahar Lal Nehru's time. BJP has not created any magic today. PM Modi just needed an excuse for the election campaign by inaugurating old schemes," Kharge further said.
Notably, PM Modi had attacked Congress saying that in the name of HAL, a "conspiracy" was hatched against the central government with the aim to instigate people.
Addressing the public after the inauguration of the HAL factory in Tumkuru on Monday, PM Modi said, "We improved government defence companies while also opening doors for the private sector. A few years ago, false allegations were hurled against our government by making HAL an excuse. People were provoked and the Parliament's time was also wasted."
"No matter how big a lie is, eventually it's defeated," PM Modi added. (ANI)

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