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BJP forms committee to take information on Budget benefits to people across country

New Delhi: Ahead of the central government introducing its last complete budget tomorrow, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) high command has formed a committee to take the benefits of the budget among the public and take their feedback.
As per the BJP sources, the Committee formed on January 28, comprises nine party leaders from different states, which will be headed by former Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Modi. The nine members are BJP leader Vivek Venkataswamy, BJP National General Secretary Sunil Bansal, National Kisan Morcha President Raj Kumar Chahar, National Yuva Morcha President MP Tejaswi Surya, Bihar's former Deputy CM, MP Sushil Kumar Modi, Union Government's Chief Financial Affairs Adviser, MLA Ashok Lahiri are in the committee, BJP national spokesperson Gopala Krishna Agarwal, Sanju Verma, and Yuva Morcha national in-charge Varun Zaveri.

The responsibility of the committee is to take the information regarding the benefits of the budget to the people across the country and also get their feedback. This process will start from the next day of the Budget, February 2, and will go on till February 12, the sources said.
The members will be doing four meetings, one of which will be physical and rest three will be virtual. In addition to this, every state will be visited by one central minister and one senior BJP leader.
BJP will try to spread that when the world is facing an economic crunch due to the Russia-Ukraine war, the Indian condition is stable, and it has presented a good budget for the people. They will also try to spread how the government is working for improving the Railways facilities.
For making the programme a success, a meeting of all nine members was held in the BJP headquarters today. The planning and strategy of the programme were discussed in the meeting lasting one and a half hours, the sources added. (ANI)

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