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BJP breathes easy as Kumar backtracks within 24 hours

New Delhi: Day after senior RSS leader Indresh Kumar slammed the ruling BJP for “arrogance” and Opposition INDIA bloc for being “Anti-Ram”, backtracks after controversy erupted over his remarks in political circles.

Speaking at the “Ramrath Ayodhya Yatra Darshan Poojan Samaroh” at Kanota near Jaipur on Thursday, the RSS national executive member did not mention the rivals by name but suggested that the poll outcome reflected their attitudes. “The party which did the bhakti (of lord Ram) but became arrogant was stopped at 241 but it was made the biggest party,” he said, in an apparent reference to Modi-led BJP which got 240 seats in the Lok Sabha seats.

Soon after Kumar’s remarks, there was a tussle within BJP and RSS regarding this. At the same time, RSS distanced itself from Kumar’s arrogance statement. The Sangh said that his statement is not the official statement of RSS, it is his personal opinion. Meanwhile, on late Friday, statement of Kumar goes viral in which he said that those who worship Ram have come to power. Taking a u-turn, on his remarks LS poll results, Kumar said, “Those who had pledged the devotion to Ram are in power and 3rd government has been formed under leadership of Narendra Modi. People have this belief that the country will progress under PM Modi.”

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