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BJP brands KCR's national party plan as drama

New Delhi: Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao has announced that he will form a national political party to counter the ruling BJP.
KCR on Sunday met JD(S) leader and former Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy and the talk of forming a national political party was in full swing. KCR is leaving no stone unturned to attack Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP for their policies. Against Modi's old slogan of 'Congress Mukt Bharat', KCR is now giving the slogan of 'BJP Mukt Bharat'. KCR has been looking at a national role since 2018, but his efforts have intensified in recent months.
On the talk of KCR forming a national political party and his attacks on BJP, senior BJP leader and Rajya Sabha MP K Laxman said, "we have no problem with KCR forming a party at the national level or expanding his family party. We have been hearing this thing continuously for 3-4 years, they talk about forming a national party, and the very next moment they talk about the Third Front party. All this is confusing and ambiguous".
The regional parties have not been able to face the BJP alone. CPM, CPI, AIMIM, and TRS have come together and will join hands with the Congress soon.
PM Modi is strong enough to accept the challenge of the Congress, Laxman said.
He further added, "the coalition of all the parties won't affect BJP. Congress is a party full of corruption. PM Modi is strong enough to accept the challenge of the Congress party".
Laxman accused KCR of forming a party for his son. He added, "The creation of a national party by KCR is for the love for his son and to get him the chair. This party will be for his son to take over in Telangana".
Taking a dig at KCR, Laxman added that whether it is the Lok Sabha election of 2024 or the Telangana election no matter what they do it won't affect BJP. They do not have any agenda for the elections.
"Who is their leader, tell me Mamta Banerjee? Nitish Kumar? Arvind Kejriwal? All about Rahul Gandhi and the national party? Out of 17 in Telangana, they have only 9 seats and they are talking about national party. Do whatever you want, the public is with us, the issue of development for all, we are moving forward and will move forward, whatever happens because the public is with us," added Laxman.
Talking about the time when ex-CM Chandrababu Naidu and others formed a party during the elections he said, "What happened last time Chandrababu Naidu came together with everyone, yet completely failed in the election, if we talk about the situation here in Telangana, then none of the promises made to the people here were fulfilled, farmers' loans were not waived, fertilizers. It was a matter of giving it for free, it was not given, they were about to give unemployment allowance, they did not give it to the youth, farmers, youth are committing suicide, teachers are on strike".
The BJP on the other hand has been canvassing in Telangana in full swing. PM Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah recently visited Telangana.
BJP in Telangana has been working to counter the ruling TRS. The saffron party emerged as a force in the Hyderabad municipal elections. Apart from this, it was also successful in winning two bypolls. (ANI)

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