Monday, June, 17,2024

Birla addresses challenges of scorching heat

Kota: Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla held a meeting of social workers and intellectuals on Saturday and discussed about the problems being faced by the common people due to the scorching heat and their solutions. Speaker Birla called upon the workers to engage in service work by running a special campaign for next few days.

He said that the entire area of Hadoti including Kota-Bundi is facing problems due to heat, hence in addition to the efforts of administration, we will also have to discharge our responsibilities.

“All workers should urge the traders in their respective areas to keep water pots in front of their establishments so that passers-by and workers can benefit from it. Apart from this, water pots should be operated in crowded areas with public cooperation. To provide relief to the deprived class people walking barefoot on the road, they should be provided with slippers and shoes with public cooperation,” he said. There should be proper arrangements for shade and water.

Speaker Om Birla started the campaign with social workers on Saturday. He presented slippers to the workers and children near CAD Circle.

He distributed parindas to the workers and also tied a parinda outside the office. This campaign will be run by social workers in other parts of the city from Sunday.

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