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Bihar politics: Left will look at any political formulation to stop BJP from taking charge

Kolkata: The CPIML (L), which has emerged as the largest Left party in Bihar, views the BJP and its ideology as the main threat to the communist movement, apprehending that the saffron party will attempt to consolidate its position by fielding its own candidate as chief minister of the electorally crucial state ahead of the 2024 general elections.

The CPIML (Liberation), which had alone clinched 12 out of the 16 seats the Leftist parties bagged in Bihar in the 2020 assembly elections, said they were willing to “look at any political formulation” to stop the rise of the BJP.

“We believe the BJP will try to bring in their own man as chief minister as it feels the utility of their ally Nitish Kumar has reduced... they may try and promote Kumar for the vice president’s chair or ease him out in some other manner,” said CPIML (Liberation) General Secretary Dipankar Bhattacharya in an interview to PTI here.

Speculation was rife that the BJP may name Kumar as its vice-president nominee, though the JD(U), which he heads, has scotched such rumours.

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