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Bihar Opposition Leader Vijay Sinha to hold 'Janta Darbar' every Tuesday at party office in Patna

Patna: The opposition leader of the Bihar Legislative Assembly Vijay Sinha announced he will hold 'Janta Darbar' in the Patna party office every Tuesday. Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Sinha said that 'Janta Darbar' is going to begin from today will be conducted as 'Jan Kalyan Samvad' to highlight the problem of common men in front of the administration.
Speaking to ANI Vijay Kumar Sinha said, "Jan Kalyan Samvad will be held every Tuesday at BJP party office Patna. Jan Kalyan Samvad is going to begin today and will listen to the problems of the people and bring their problems in front of the administration so that they can be resolved."
"I have been doing this type of 'Janta Darbar' for the 15 years in my assembly constituency Lakhisarai, that happens every Sunday, now I am going to organise 'Jan Kalyan Samvad' as the leader of the opposition in the party office, Patna," he added.
Bihar Opposition leader Sinha further told ANI, "any person can come with his complaint. Such people whose complaints are not heard in 'Janta Darbar' of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar will also be given the full opportunity in our 'Jan Kyan Samvad' which is similar to 'Janta Darbar' but being organised by the Opposition."
"Only a few people come to the Chief Minister's Janata Darbar and it is based on an agenda. The common man finds it difficult to attend the CM's Janata Darbaar as there are many processes to follow, including submitting a mandatory online application and only once the application is accepted the person can appear in the Janta Darbar'," he further stated.
"But as the Leader of the Opposition, there will be an open Janata Darbar. Anyone can bring their problem and it will be our duty to make the government aware of the problem and bring the issue to the administration and also expose the truth of the government through this initiative," Vijay Kumar Sinha told ANI.
Senior Bihar BJP leader said that the situation in Bihar is getting from bad to worse with respect to crime and corruption so whatever issues people bring to our 'Jan Kalyan Samvad' there will be an effort to find solutions.
'Jan Kalyan Samvad' is going to be organised by the Opposition leader of Bihar every Tuesday parallel to Chief Minister of Bihar Nitish Kumar 'Janta Darbar' every Monday after JDU snapped ties with BJP on August 9 and JDU joined hand with Grand Alliance to form a new government in the state.
Chief Minister of Bihar Nitish Kumar has been holding 'Janta Darbar' from April 2006. (ANI)

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