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Bigg Boss 16: Urvashi Dholakia, Gauahar Khan, Kushal Tandon call out Shalin Bhanot's misogynistic behaviour

Mumbai (Maharashtra): The current season of Bigg Boss has been under the limelight for all the wrong reasons. While the reality show has always been an infamous one, this particular season has been receiving flak even from the ex-contestants. Right from Sajid Khan’s entry into the show to physical violence to the smoking scandal and now Shalin Bhanot’s derogatory comments, everything is wrong about this year’s season.

Bigg Boss recently appointed a task to everyone to name three housemates that should not become the next Captain. Shalin named Gautam Vig, Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary and Soundarya Sharma. While explaining why he took Gautam’s name, Shalin explained that Gautam is weak like a woman. He used the terms ‘Janani, Auraat and Kamzor’. While the comment did not receive backlash in the house, it was met with harsh criticism from some of the ex-contestants of the show.

Urvashi Dholakia took to her Twitter to call out Shalin and even taunted him about his request to eat chicken every day. Bhanot had previously requested Bigg Boss to grant him to eat chicken every day due to his illness. He stated that his physical condition needed the intake of 250-300 grams of chicken regularly.



Gauahar Khan, who appeared in Bigg Boss 7 too called out Shalin for his inappropriate words. She wrote, “Shalin Bhanot auratein kamzor nahi hotin (Women are never weak). To think calling Gautam an aurat (woman) is something derogatory, is extremely disappointing. Insult karna hai toh traits aur personality pe karo. Aurat kitni strong hoti hai woh toh aapke paidaish pe hi app ko pata hona chahiye (If you want to insult someone, comment on their traits and personality you should have known about women and their strength right at your birth). Ur mom is a woman.”



Kushal Tandon who appeared in the same season taunted Shalin to try him and his lawyers for muscle power. He also called the actor arrogant. “Well I don’t generally discuss Bigboss ever , having said that by chance saw the most boring season … jus wanted to say shaleen bro kaun hoon tum ? Bhai hoon? how many line of lawyers u have ? How much muscle power u have ? If in any reality check plz contact me.” He wrote another tweet:



Rajiv Adatia who participated in the last season came out against Shalin and tweeted, “They way Shalin Said to Gautam “Khamzor Aurat” seriously not done! And by the way Aurat kabhi Kamzor nai hoti! They are stronger then all of us men put together! They carry a child for 9 months men couldn’t even imagine! They are the most strongest in every way!”



This season of Bigg Boss has so far been amongst the least liked. It has received severe backlash and has even been called boring by many. It is a matter of time to see whether the reviews stay the same or will the contestants revive the show to save it.

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