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Bhuntar Airport gets forest clearance for expansion: CM Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu

Shimla: The Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh, Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu, announced on Friday that Bhuntar Airport has successfully obtained forest clearance (FCA), marking a significant milestone for its expansion.
The move is poised to accommodate larger aircraft.
"The airport will soon be widened, enabling bigger aircraft to land, thus increasing the footfall of tourists and facilitating the locals," CM Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu said.
Sukhu highlighted that the airport's expansion aligns with the regulatory standards set by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), ensuring additional safety measures.
The development is expected to play a pivotal role in boosting tourism activities in Kullu and Lahaul.
"Direct flights linking Amritsar to Kullu were also operational and the expansion will further add to the increased influx of both domestic and international travellers to explore nature's splendour and the richness of culture and traditions besides the religious sites," the Chief Minister said.
Emphasizing the economic significance of tourism, Sukhu stated that, along with the horticulture and hydropower sectors, tourism was the mainstay of the state's economy and thousands of families were associated with this key sector.
Underscoring the government's commitment to promoting tourism, a substantial allocation of rupees three thousand crore has been earmarked for the sector.
"The government was committed to widely promoting tourism and has allocated a substantial amount of rupees three thousand crore to the tourism sector. This government was making every possible endeavour to promote tourism and enhance the infrastructure for facilitating the tourists to offer them memorable experiences in Himachal Pradesh," CM Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu said.
Sukhu expressed the administration's dedication to fostering tourism, enhancing infrastructure, and providing memorable experiences for visitors in Himachal Pradesh.
"We have set a target to attract over five crore tourists every year in the state, and efforts have been underway since the formation of the new government to achieve this goal," concluded the Chief Minister.

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