Thursday, May, 30,2024

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Bharat24’s “GRAND WELCOME” of Rubika Liyaquat creates buzz

New Delhi: Bharat 24, which has created a niche for itself in less than a year since its inception, has increased the honour of anchors and this aspect is in tremendous discussion in Delhi’s media world. In fact, it is the grand welcome that has been accorded to Rubika Liyaquat that has become a major topic of discussion as such a grand welcome, to an anchor, has been given for the first time in the history of Indian media. Till date no anchor has received such a grand welcome in media industry from any channel. On this, a senior media journalist from the National Capital said on Wednesday, “Truly Bharat 24 is the trend setter in media world of Delhi. Probably now in future, the movement of every star anchor will be accorded such a grand welcome.”

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