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Bharat24 Conclave Sets a Trenchant Vision of New Bharat

New Delhi: The power-packed Bharat24 Conclave themed “Badhta Bharat, Ubharta Bharat” kicked off early morning on Monday at hotel Taj Mahal and set the national discourse on Vision of New India rolling.

The lamp was lighted by Gajendra Singh Shekhawat in the presence of Dr Jagdeesh Chandra, CEO and Editor-inChief, Bharat24-Vision of New India and First India & CMD, First India News; Manoj Jagyasi, Chief Business Officer and Strategic Advisor, Bharat24; Rubika Liyaquat, Vice President Bharat24 and prominent guests. Among those present were Syed Umar, News Director, Bharat24; Siddhinath Vishwakarma, Managing Editor, Bharat24 and other team members of the channel. The spotlight was on the vision of new India with PM Narendra Modi leading the nation onto the path of sustainable development and atma-nirbhar progress, and on discussing threadbare the motives behind the no-confidence motion moved by I.N.D.I.A.

Despite the high voltage drama being played out in the Monsoon Session of the Parliament, the Bharat 24 Conclave saw a lineup of political honchos that ensured that the Conclave continued its legacy of showcasing the strategies and work of the government that’s taking India to newer heights, and airing, rather than muzzling, the voice of opposition that questions the government. From UCC to the Prime Ministerial face of I.N.D.I.A to the no-confidence motion, Team Bharat24 gave a clarion call to the nation that if the country wants to know what’s really brewing in the political corridors of India, then Bharat24 is the channel to watch for news that is indeed Breaking!

Gajendra Singh Shekhawat, when asked by Rubika Liyaquat, who the face of BJP in Rajasthan would be, very emphatically said “That is the problem of the Parliamentary Board. We have no factions. Our focus is on making the lotus bloom and we work with a vision. We will not stop, not bow down, not split. These words don’t exist for us.” On the other hand, when Rubika questioned Akhilesh Yadav about the face of the new opposition coalition I.N.D.I.A, he said “You want a young PM, we have that. You want a woman, or a veteran, we have them. So who the face of opposition is, not our worry as we are all together.” Not disclosing what PDA is, he said “PDA, which is the strategy of I.N.D.I.A, will win the 2024 election for I.N.D.I.A. Two-thirds of the voters are against the NDA as they have not delivered on the promises they made when they came to power.”

Responding to Rubika’s question on whether he will be a national player or remain confined to his state, Chirag Paswan said “You know, my CM came to Delhi for getting his eyes operated. What has he done for Bihar? Today, the word ‘Bihari’ has become an abuse because our leadership in the state has no vision. People at one time used to say ‘Chirag bujh gaya’ but Chirag is still burning and this is only because of the love of the people I have received back home”.

Ashwini Vaishnaw, in his signature style, connected with the audience and spoke about three aspects of PM Modi’s governance - his well thought out economic policies, the safety net created by PM Modi for the weakest sections of our society and giving youth a clear vision of the future through the use of technology.

When questioned by Aditi Nagar, Political Editor, Bharat24 about the no-confidence motion moved by INDIA against the government only to make PM Modi speak on Manipur, Arjun Ram Meghwal said, “Frankly speaking, the Opposition is not interested in discussing Manipur. They want that no legislative business should take place successfully and that is why they disrupt the proceedings. Today when a shortduration discussion was initiated in Rajya Sabha, opposition parties objected to it. Why should we talk about Manipur in isolation? We must address the issue of heinous crimes against women in totality in all states.”

While answering Shikha Thakur, Senior Anchor and Producer, Bharat24, Pashupati Kumar Paras said, “Different politicians claim to be leaders of the backward classes in Bihar, but the fact remains that PM Modi is the only true champion of the tribals, the extremely backward sections and the downtrodden in the state.”

“I.N.D.I.A is nothing but an alliance of parivarvadi parties who are afraid of Modi. Think of a chemistry lab wherein PM Modi is the standard and all other parties are just conducting experiments against this standard. What narrative can Nitish Kumar set for the opposition when there is nothing but Jungleraaj in Bihar?” This was Dr Ajay Alok’s coutner-question to Poornima Mishra, Assistant Editor and Anchor, Bharat24 when she asked him about the future of opposition coalition born in Patna in order to sketch the roadmap for 2024 for I.N.D.I.A.

Last but not least, Manoj Tiwari, when questioned about Delhi ordinance row by Poornima, said “Arvind Kejriwal, well Shri Arvind Kejriwalji, as he deserves to be addressed with great respect since he is the Chief Minister of Delhi and the first CM in the history of the nation who doesn’t have a single portfolio and refuses to sign on anything. He is definitely the next AAP leader who will go to jail. By terming 15 crores as 15 kg ghee, he has redefined the mathematical concepts ever taught in this country!” With Team Bharat24 asking penetrating questions about India’s future with the election season round the corner, the guests indulged in a frank rendezvous with the team and the audience making the event a memorable one.

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