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Bengaluru: Congress workers protest against toll collection at Bengaluru-Mysuru expressway, several detained

Bengaluru: Several people were detained by the police on Tuesday, after the Congress party and some pro-Kannada organisations, protested over the toll levied on motorists using the Bengaluru-Mysuru expressway.
The protestors have alleged that a very high rate of toll has been levied, and the service road has not been completed. A heavy police force was deployed at the Kaniminike toll plaza in wake of the protests called by the pro-Kannada organisations. Several Congress workers were also protesting at the Sheshagirihalli toll plaza, after which the protestors were detained by the police.
The toll collection on the Bengaluru-Mysuru expressway started on Tuesday morning.
During the protest, a Congress leader alleged that the toll has been levied when even the service road has not been completed, and they are protesting against this.
Talking to ANI, he said, "This is a BJP-ruled double-engine government. Despite that, the service road has not been completed. Now, they are collecting tolls from the people. But, we have been protesting that first you should provide the services if you want toll. There is no service, no infrastructure. How will the people travel? They have just opened the toll plaza in wake of the upcoming state elections".
Among the protesters, an advocate and former President of the Advocate Association, AP Ranganath, said that the notification of toll collection was issued only on Monday.
"Those protesting against the toll are absolutely right. The service road is not available, and there is no infrastructure. It takes another two-three months. Then why are you taking a toll? The toll has been heavily imposed. The notification was also issued only at 5 o'clock yesterday, that the toll will be collected from today onwards. If it had been issued, it would still have been better," he told ANI.
One of the activists named MF Kareem said that the passengers are being charged for not having FASTag on their vehicle.
"They are taking Rs 270 for one way, what calculation is this? Now, they are saying that a double rate is charged for not getting a FASTag. But, those travelling from this expressway didn't have the need to get a FASTag. This is simply looting the people. I want the media to take this issue to the notice of the government," he said. (ANI)

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