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Bengaluru cafe blast: Police given free hand in investigation, BJP shouldn't politicize, says DK Shivakumar

Bengaluru: Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister DK Shivakumar assured on Friday that the police are actively investigating the incident with a free hand granted by the government.
"Police are investigating; the government has given them a free hand. The government has taken the issue seriously," Shivakumar said while speaking to ANI.
The Karnataka deputy CM also accused the BJP of politicizing the issue and tarnishing Bengaluru's image and said that the BJP should reflect on their actions during their tenure first.
"It is a shame that BJP has forgotten what happened during their time. I don't like to do politics on such an issue. Let them do whatever politics they are doing. They are spoiling the honour of the state. In such a context, we should be aware of the unity and peace of the people of this country," said DK Shivakumar.
Meanwhile, Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah also asked the opposition BJP not to indulge in politics over this matter.
Reacting to BJP leaders' allegations that such incidents are happening due to appeasement of minorities, Siddaramaiah said, "A bomb exploded in their time too. What did they do when the Mangalore cooker bomb exploded? Was it appeasement even then?"
Urging the opposition not to politicize the matter, Siddaramaiah said, "A serious investigation is underway. BJP should not play politics in this matter. Mangalore blast and Bengaluru explosion are not related. The blast is still under investigation and appropriate action will be taken after the report."
As many as 10 people were injured after an explosion occurred at Bengaluru's popular Rameshwaram cafe in the Whitefield area on Friday.
Meanwhile, a team of Karnataka Police reached the explosion site on Sunday morning as part of its ongoing investigation.
This comes after Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said on Saturday that the complete truth regarding the Rameshwara Cafe incident has to come out.
He instructed senior police officers to use technology effectively in investigations.
CM Siddaramaiah suggested providing protection to the people and directed officials to identify densely populated areas and increase police patrolling in such areas.

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