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"Bakwas ki hai": Robert Vadra on Sam Pitroda's 'racist' remark

New Delhi: Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra's husband Robert Vadra has rubbished Sam Pitroda's 'racist' remark and expressing surprise at how such an educated person could make these types of comments.
Vadra also said that he completely disagreed with what the former Overseas India Congress chairman stating that the latter should have been more responsible with his remarks.
"When you are associated with this (Gandhi) family, with great power comes great responsibility, you have to think before taking any step. I disagree with what Sam Pitroda has said. 'Bakwas ki hai'. How can someone so educated say something like this? He was very close to Rajiv Gandhi but he should be a little more responsible. Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra are making efforts but because of his one statement, the BJP gets a chance to raise unnecessary issues," Vadra told ANI.
"You come here and talk about the mistakes of this government, point out the shortcomings. But you are sitting on the sofa and saying anything, which is complete nonsense. I am very happy that he has retired. I wrote to him yesterday that all this is wrong," Vadra said.
Vadra has also criticised Smriti Irani, the Bharatiya Janata Party MP from Amethi stating that she used his name in a wrong way by showing his picture with Adani.
"I have met a few people to know the reality of the ground. Amethi, Raibareli or Muradabad--wherever I have gone, people believe that I should come into active politics. I lived among the people of that area since 1999, campaigned for Sonia Gandhi and then made her win with a huge majority in 2004. My relations with the people of Amethi and Raebareli have been strong and they think that their MP used my name in the wrong way by showing my picture with Adani," Vadra said.
He also mentioned that he had challenged Irani for proof but she did not reply.
"I am a member of the Gandhi family and people from across the world want to meet us. I have met Barack Obama and Nelson Mandela. I challenged Smriti Irani that I have a lot of information about you but I didn't say anything wrong. I told her to prove anything against me regarding Adani but she did not reply. People of Amethi felt that if Smriti Irani misused my name, then I should challenge her because she has not made any progress," he said.
Further, reacting to Prime Minister Modi's "Adani-Ambani" remark on the Congress and Rahul Gandhi, Robert Vadra said all allegations should be investigated.
"These seem to be baseless allegations. The whole country knows that if you look at all the ports, roads and airports, only Adani will be visible. There are two to three industrialists to whom you are handing over all the things of the country. PM does not talk about real issues. Sometimes he imitates Rahul, sometimes he calls him "Shehzada," Vadra said.

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