Saturday, June, 25,2022

Azam Khan eyes playing up Muslim card for political future

Lucknow: At the time when SP veteran Azam Khan is released from jail, the issue of Gyanvapi and Mathura is hogging limelight. Religious issues are likely to catch up again. In such times, Khan, who was one of the founding members of SP, seems to be focusing on the ‘Muslim card’ for his future.

Significantly, after being released, Azam Khan, while giving a statement, mentioned about Jauhar University, education of Muslims, his own education from AMU. While advocating Muslim education, he called himself a person promoting it. This influential leader of Rampur tried his best to establish the narrative that he was being punished for educating Muslims. This firebrand leader insisted that he was called mafia, and that Jauhar University was his crime. When asked about the alleged targeting of Muslims, Khan categorically replied “They are being punished for their right to vote.” Referring to the attack on himself in the past and the Covid-19 infection during his stay in jail, he extended credit to the prayers of his society for his well being. Giving a very balanced statement on the Gyanvapi-Mathura issues, Azam said, “At this point no one should give his opinion as it can ruin the atmosphere in the country and people’s confidence in the justice system will be shaken.” He has also talked about contacting the Ulemas of Deoband, Bareilly and Mubarakpur sects.

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