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ATM card swapping fraud: Delhi police arrest two wanted in cheating case

New Delhi: The Delhi police have arrested two individuals allegedly involved in a series of debit card swapping and online fraud incidents, including a recent case in South Delhi's African Avenue Road area.
The suspects have been identified as 24-year-old Md Sakim and 22-year-old Irfan.
The operation unfolded on March 21, 2024, when a team from the Special Staff laid a trap near Police Station SB Dairy, Delhi.
The Delhi police also recovered two stolen motorcycles, believed to have been used in the commission of the illicit activities by the accused.
During interrogation, Md Sakim and Irfan confessed to their modus operandi, which involved using stolen vehicles while executing their schemes. Their latest victim at African Avenue Road was duped of a staggering sum amounting to Rs 1.32 lakh.
Detailing their method, the accused disclosed how they stole the victim's mobile phone and ATM card during a transaction. By discreetly observing the victim's actions, they managed to obtain both the ATM and UPI PINs, enabling them to conduct unauthorised withdrawals and transactions amounting to Rs 25,000 and Rs 87,000, respectively.

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