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Assam: Villagers appeal for precautionary measures as river erosion wreaks havoc in Barpeta ahead of monsoon

Barpeta: As river erosion wreaked havoc in the state, the villagers of Assam's Barpeta district appealed to the state's administration to take precautionary measures as the monsoon season approaches.
Inamul Hoque, a resident of the Baghmara Char area said that due to river erosion, a school building and many human settlements were completely destroyed in this area. "Now the flood season is coming and we are so much worried. If precautionary measures are not done ahead of the rainy season, then many families in this area will again suffer. We request our MLA to undertake safety works by spending at least Rs 20-30 lakh from the MLA fund to protect the area from river erosion," Inamul Hoque said.
The local villagers also appealed to the state government to take appropriate action to protect the settlements in the district.
Villagers of 1 no, Baghmara Char, Nayer Char area under Baghbar assembly constituency in Barpeta are under serious threat of river erosion.
The river erosion continues to wreak havoc in the area and the Brahmaputra river and Jaljali river wiped out many homes, land, religious institutions, school buildings, and thousand bighas of agricultural lands.
According to local villagers, many families in the area have been affected due to the river erosion and many of them have lost their homes.
The mighty Brahmaputra river and Jaljali river had taken over the land and several houses, school buildings, and religious institutions were destroyed in the past years also.
According to the Assam government data, the state has so far lost about 4.27 lakh hectares of land in river erosion of the Brahmaputra river and its tributaries. (ANI)

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