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Assam: Govt can't shut down private Madrasas, says AIUDF MLA Rafidul Islam

Guwahati: All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF) MLA and party General Secretary Rafiqul Islam said that the Assam government can't shut down private Madrasas in the state.
He said that the private Madrasas in Assam are working with permission and based on the rights given by the Constitution of India to the Minority people. "The Assam government can't shut down these private Madrasas," Rafiqul Islam said.
Earlier, the Assam government shut down more than 600 state-run Madrasas in the state.
There are more than 3000 registered and unregistered private Madrasas that are still running in the state.
The AIUDF MLA said that the Assam Chief Minister talks about it only when he's outside the state.
"He talked about this in Bengaluru, and Hyderabad, but not in Assam. The Assam Chief Minister is also a lawyer and he knows that the Constitution of India has given the rights to the Minority to establish private Madrasas and impart religious education and the Constitution of India has allowed this. By following this, the Minority people of the state have established private Madrasas and are running these at their own cost, not taking any help from the government. The government can't shut down these Madrasas," Rafiqul Islam said.
The AIUDF MLA also said that, if there is any suggestion to develop, or modernize it, then they will accept it.
"The Chief Minister can also give suggestions, but he has not any right to shut it down. By making such statements, he is trying to please some people. They are thinking that they will get votes by making such type of statements, but they will not get benefits. They will only be harmed by making such statements. People will not fall into their trap. These Madrasas are running under the law, rights given by the Constitution of India. They can't shut down it," Rafiqul Islam said. (ANI)

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