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Aryan Khan is a free man as NCB drops all drugs charges

Mumbai (Maharashtra): Aryan Khan and five others were dropped of all charges on May 27 after a few important details surrounding the case were revealed. Sameer Wankhede, the Narcotics Control Bureau head of the Mumbai department and the one in charge of the Bollywood drugs cartel case, seemed to have hidden key details that came forward in the Aryan Khan arrest. Arbaaz Merchant, a friend of Khan’s had revealed to have carried six grams of charas for his personal use and not for Aryan. He added that the superstar’s son had advised him not to carry any drugs on the cruise.

Aryan Khan was going to ship off on a cruise to Goa before he was arrested by Sameer Wankhede and his officers. He was accused of carrying drugs which at the time weren’t present on him. He was also accused by Wankhede of being involved in the Bollywood drugs ring, which even then seemed far stretched. The 24-year-old was kept in judicial custody for 22 days after which his bail was finally approved. It was not just him that went through a strenuous time but his father, Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan was dragged through the mud by everyone as well.

Mr Merchant, in his initial statement to investigation officer Aashish Ranjan Prasad, stated that the charas seized from his shoes were for his personal use and never mentioned Aryan Khan or anyone else to be involved in its use or procurement. Ever since after that, his statements never mentioned Aryan Khan to be involved. Khan’s WhatsApp chats were however searched despite his name not being included. They became the sole evidence to form an entire case on him.

Now that these crucial details have come out, NCB has dropped all charges against Khan and the others arrested with him that night. They have also hinted at a punishment directed towards Wankhede.

Was the whole Bollywood drugs cartel case just a sham like this one or was there any verity in the investigation that dragged a series of big names and ruined several careers? As the layers of secrecy are peeling off, the truth is finally surfacing.

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