Friday, June, 02,2023

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New Delhi: It is surprising that the close allies of the Congress party are talking about the Emergency these days. On the one hand BJP leaders and people sitting on constitutional posts are targeting the Congress by remembering the Emergency and on the other hand the allies are also remembering it. Vice President and Chairman of Rajya Sabha Jagdeep Dhankhar while attacking Rahul Gandhi at an event in Meerut on March 11 said that the microphone is still not switched off in Parliament. Notably, the microphone in Parliament used to be closed during emergency and the then opposition was not allowed to speak. Meanwhile, at least two old allies of the government recalled the Emergency and indirectly targeted the Congress.

Congress’s closest ally and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin raised the issue of Emergency without any context. He said in a program that his father Karunanidhi had opposed the Emergency. At that time Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had asked him to support Emergency but he did not support. Stalin told that the result of not listening to Indira Gandhi was that the DMK government headed by his father was toppled. Similarly, RJD leader Lalu Prasad, another close ally of Congress, opposed the action of the central government agencies, saying that he had faced the Emergency and still did not back down. His party and other parties included in the UPA are also opposing the action of the central agencies by terming it as an undeclared emergency.

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