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AP: Shravan Kumar of Cheemalavalasa builds temple for mother inspired by Ramayana

Srikakulam: The story of 'Shravan Kumar' is one of India's most celebrated and much-revered stories of parental devotion. The story was mentioned in the epic tale of Ramayana and depicted Shravan's filial piety for his blind parents. We now have a modern version of him.
Hailing from the Cheemavalasa village of Amudalavalasa Mandal of Srikakulam district, Shravan Kumar, who surprisingly shares the same name as the protagonist of the Ramayana's legendary story, is building a temple for his deceased mother. Shravan, a realtor by profession, runs his business in Hyderabad, and he lost his mother a few years ago. In the fond memory of his mother, Shravan is now building a temple in his village.
While speaking to ANI, Shravan said, "I have named the temple Amma Devasthanam. This isn't about my mother alone, but dedicated to all the mothers in the world". It's a temple dedicated to 'Matri Shakti', said Shravan.
Speaking about the construction of the temple, Shravan informed that it is in memory of his mother, as she died due to illness. He said, "The temple is being-built with Krishna stone".
Shravan informed ANI that he has spent "close to Rs 10 crore" in the construction of this temple till date. He further explained this is the only single stone 'Amma Devasthanam' built from Krishna stone in the world.
Speaking to ANI about the inspiration, he exclaimed that he, unfortunately, lost his mother a few years back. Her name was Anasuya. He loved her very much. After her sad demise, he was struck with an idea to construct a temple for his mother, "but it should be unique", said Shravan.
Talking about the temple construction process, Shravan said that a lot of research went into this. He went through several ancient texts and scriptures in quest to find the perfect construction method. "I started investigating the sculptures, and builders who were capable to bring the idea to reality," he said. His quest ended after he found workers from Bihar, and the work started back in 2019.
Informing about the details of the temple, he said, "It's going to get finished in two years. It would have a statue of my mother, six feet long and sculptured in single stone". The temple (Devasthanam) is being-built with five gopurams, the main gopuram expected to be 51 feet in height. The construction is being done following the Agama Shastra.
Speaking about the funds that went into the construction, he hesitatingly said, "I don't bother about the money spent. I loved my mother so much. The money doesn't matter".
A lot of sculpture workers from northern parts of India have key roles in the sculpture of the temple. Speaking to ANI, sculpture artist Hare Ram expressed, "Everyone loves their mother and so I am very happy to take a role in the temple's construction".
Hare Ram further informed that a total of seven to ten workers are involved in the construction and ancient techniques are being used in the construction. Hare Ram concluded by giving a deadline that it would take more than two years to complete the construction. (ANI)

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