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Anti-Sanatana Dharma atmosphere created after formation of INDIA bloc: Assam CM Sarma

Katni: Chief Minister of Assam Himanta Biswa Sarma has heavily come down on INDIA bloc and said that an atmosphere of anti-Sanatana Dharma has been created across India after formation of INDIA.

Sarma made the remark while addressing a program in Madhya Pradesh’s Katni district on Saturday.

“Today, when our Prime Minister Narendra Modi is trying to bring in a new enthusiasm and we are also seeing its result as well. At the same time, Congress has formed a new alliance and kept its name as something like INDI and even I don’t remember its name properly. They started saying we have become INDIA so we will win the election. If I take Mahatma Gandhi's name, will I become Mahatma Gandhi,” CM Sarma said.

“After this alliance was formed, an atmosphere of anti-Sanatana Dharma was created across the nation. One of the parties of this alliance which is in power in Tamil Nadu, DMK whose minister (referring to Udaynidhi Stalin) calls Sanatan Dharma Malaria,” he added.

The development that is happening in the whole Bharat today is the blessing of the Hindu people and it is the Hindus who have given this beauty to our nation. On this Hindu and the Sanatan Dharma, Rahul Gandhi’s friends are saying that the Hindu and Sanatan Dharma is malaria, he added.

“I want to tell Rahul Gandhi, if you are not with DMK then remove them from your alliance. Congress says that this is their (DMK) freedom of speech. I want to ask Rahul Gandhi that if someone said this to a Muslim, did you used to say the same thing? If even a single Congress leader spoke against a Muslim, you used to throw him out of the party, but if a leader spoke against a Hindu, you did not say anything,” Assam CM said.
Meanwhile BJP MP Ravi Shankar Prasad also slammed the INDIA bloc and said that all the mischief was done with Sanatana Dharma and it would not be tolerated at all.

“The way the INDI Alliance is insulting Sanatana Dharma, Lord Ram, but Congress leader Sonia Gandhi and former CM Kamal Nath are silent. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is incredible, there is nothing to say about him. Somewhere called Sanatan Dharma Dengue, somewhere aids and one of the ministers in Bihar was saying Sanatan Dharma is like Potassium Cyanide,” Prasad told ANI

Do they (INDI alliance) have the courage to use such language against any other religion... All the mischief is done with Sanatana Dharma. We will not tolerate this, the nation will also not tolerate this, he added.

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