Ankita Bhandari murder case: Mother demands BJP leader's arrest

Dehradun: The 2022 sensational Ankita Bhandari murder case has taken a new turn, with the victim's mother demanding the arrest of a senior BJP leader as he was allegedly the VIP whose name appeared in the probe.
Inspector General of Police Nilesh Anand Bharne said, "Many serious allegations have been made by Ankita Bhandari's parents in the media and social media about the so-called VIPs related to the Ankita Bhandari case."
In naming a senior BJP leader, it has been alleged that the facts related to this senior leader have not been included in the earlier investigation.
An advance probe has been demanded in this regard. A charge sheet was filed in court against the three accused in this murder case, which is pending in court.
IG Nilesh Anand Bharne said, "During the investigation by the Special Investigation Team, detailed statements of all the witnesses, including plaintiff Virendra Bhandari and Ankita Bhandari's mother, were recorded."
"Their statements were also recorded in court during the trial," IG Nilesh Anand Bharne added further.
IG Nilesh Anand Bharne expressed disappointment over making such allegations in the media about the actions of the police department almost 13 months after the charge sheet was filed.
"No evidence or statement about any VIP was presented during the investigation and testimony in court."
IG Nilesh Anand Bharne assured justice for Ankita and sympathised with her parents.
"The Special Investigation Team (SIT) of the police department was led by an experienced and dedicated female officer of the DIG level. If Ankita's parents have any new evidence related to this case, they are still free to present it before the SIT. The police department will take lawful and prompt action considering all the new facts presented by them. We fully sympathise with Ankita's parents and assure them again that no stone will be left unturned in getting justice for Ankita."

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