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Andhra Pradesh: Earthquake strikes Nandigama in NTR

NTR: An earthquake struck the town of Nandigama in Andhra Pradesh's NTR district on Sunday morning. No loss of lives has been reported
According to sources, the tremors occurred at around 7:13 am on Sunday and lasted for 3.4 seconds. Fearful residents rushed out of their homes onto the streets. Narasimha Rao, a resident of Nandigama village, said, "For a few seconds we noticed an earthquake in the village. A lot of people came out of their houses. Panic was triggered by recent predictions from scientists about the increased likelihood of earthquakes in India following devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria."
"I am working at home. Meanwhile earthquake signs occurred for a few seconds. In a frightening situation, we ran out of home. A lot of vessels and bowls fell down from the shelves while we were in shock by noticing such an incident," he added. (ANI)

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