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Andhra Pradesh: BJP Chief Purandheswari calls for ending YSRCP rule, advocates for change

East Godavari: Andhra Pradesh state president Daggubati Purandheswari appealed to the public to end the Yuvajana Sramika Rythu Congress Party (YSRCP) regime, and emphasised the need for liberation from what she termed "destructive rule," indicating a strong desire for change and progress in the state's governance.
Purandheswari was addressing a press conference at Narasapuram as she made the statement om Thursday.
Turning to electoral strategies, Purandheswari articulated the importance of effective grassroots-level campaigning and organising. She highlighted the necessity of coordinating the efforts of party workers to maximise outreach and engagement with voters.
In preparation for the upcoming Parliamentary Elections, Purandheswari disclosed plans for Election Management Committee meetings to streamline campaign efforts and ensure strategic alignment within the party.
Recognising the value of grassroots activism, Purandheswari emphasised the incorporation of local activists' ideas into the party's broader agenda, underscoring the importance of community-driven initiatives and solutions.
Addressing concerns regarding party unity, Purandheswari stressed the need for alliance parties to remain cohesive despite ideological differences, emphasising a collective commitment to shared objectives.
On the issue of accountability, Purandheswari issued a warning that the people would hold the YSRCP accountable for their financial obligations, suggesting a focus on fiscal responsibility and transparency in governance.
Shifting focus to national politics, Purandheswari acknowledged Prime Minister Narendra Modi's governance at the Centre, praising it as corruption-free and effective. She highlighted key achievements under the Modi regime, including the repeal of Article 370 and the establishment of the Ayodhya statue of Bala Ram Prana Pratishta.
Concluding her remarks, Purandheswari asserted that Prime Minister Modi's leadership has positively impacted the lives of the poor and is actively working towards poverty reduction nationwide, signalling a commitment to inclusive growth and development.

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