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"Amit Shah with constitution or with Manu Smriti"? CPM leader Brinda Karat

New Delhi: Communist Party of India( Marxist) Senior leader and Politbureau Member of the Party Brinda Karat criticized the Union Home Minister's remark that the INDIA bloc "Hates Hinduism" following the DMK Minister statement on Sanatan Dharma.
She said, "Let Amit Shah first answer: does Sanatan dharma glorify birth-based 'varna vyavastha'?
"The remark on Sanatana Dharma by DMK chief MK Stalin's minister son shows that the Opposition bloc INDIA "hates Hinduism" and is "an attack on our heritage," Shah said on Sunday while addressing a public rally in Rajasthan. 
Speaking to ANI,  Brinda Karat said, "Let Amit Shah first answer: does Sanatan dharma glorify birth-based varna vyavastha? Does Union Home Minister Amit Shah support the caste system? Does Shah support those verses of Manu Smriti that are abusive to Dalits and women"?
Former Rajya Sabha MP Karat added, "Does Amit Shah support the right of an adult woman to marry a man of her choice as given by the constitution or does he support the brutal punishment for such a marriage ordained by Manu Smriti? So don’t divert attention from your government's failure to deal with price rise, unemployment, and increasing atrocities against Dalits and women in the Country". 
Home Minister Shah had alleged that the remarks by Udhayanidhi Stalin were part of the INDIA bloc's "vote bank politics" and "appeasement" tactic.
The Home Minister's remarks come amid a huge row over the remarks by Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin's son and Tamil Nadu Sports Minister Udhayanidhi Stalin.
Addressing a writers' conference in Chennai, Udhayanidhi Stalin said the idea of "Sanatana Dharma is against the idea of social justice and must be eradicated".
He also drew a parallel between Sanatana Dharma and diseases such as dengue and malaria.
As the remarks went viral, BJP leaders slammed Udhayanidhi Stalin and questioned if all members of the INDIA bloc agreed with the DMK leader's remarks.

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