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Amit Shah lauds CISF for its work in strengthening India's economy

Hyderabad: Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Sunday lauded Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) for its work in strengthening India's economy and said that Naxalities and terrorists are under control due to CISF.
Addressing a 54th CISF Raising Day parade at National Industrial Security Academy (NISA) in Hyderabad, Shah said that the CISF will safeguard crucial ports and airports in the country as it has been doing for the past 53 years. This is the first time that CISF is holding the 'Raising Day' celebrations outside the National capital, New Delhi. It used to be held at CISF ground located on the outskirts of Delhi, in Ghaziabad.
"CISF has a very important contribution in the economic progress of the country because any country can progress only when the security of its industries, security of airports and seaports is ensured. CISF has fulfilled all the objectives of the establishment of CISF in 53 years," said the Home Minister.
"PM Modi has proposed the vision of a 5 trillion-dollar economy for which the safeguarding of ports, airports, etc is very important. CISF will safeguard them as they have been doing for the past 53 years," he said.
He further said that the Home Ministry will strengthen the CISF with all technologies in the upcoming times to protect the ports, airports and others.
"Home Ministry will strengthen the CISF with all technologies in the upcoming times to protect the ports, airports, etc. Many CISF personnel have lost their lives in the line of duty. Naxalities and terrorists are under control due to CISF," said Shah.
Shah said that CISF worked as a first responder during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis at airports and railway stations.
Shah said that recently, CISF adopted a hybrid model, adding, "I want to ensure you that with this, CISF will be able to provide its service in the private companies as well. In the coming 20 years, with new technology and drone, private industrial areas will commission CISF personnel for safety and security purposes."
The Home Minister said that over 50 lakh travellers across the country are provided assistance by the CISF personnel every day, adding that CISF with "its good behaviour and determination provides safety and security to the nation every day".
The Home Minister said that the Modi government's policy of zero-tolerance towards terrorism will continue in the times to come and the separatism, terrorism and anti-national activities in any part of the country will be dealt with firmly.
He said the violence is coming down substantially in Kashmir, while insurgency in Northeast and Left Wing Extremism-affected areas has also reduced.
"People's confidence is increasing. The number of people involved in terror activities is declining and many are laying down arms and joining the mainstream," he said.
Amit Shah also inaugurated Baffle Range 'Arjuna' in NISA, Hyderabad on the occasion of the 54th CISF Raising Day Parade.
The CISF was set up under the act of the Parliament of India on March 10, 1969. Since then, CISF Raising Day is being celebrated on March 10 each year.
Last year, Shah attended the 53rd Raising Day ceremony of the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) at Ghaziabad's Indirapuram.
For the last couple of years, all paramilitary forces are celebrating their Raising day outside Delhi.
On March 19, CRPF will hold an annual Raising Day in Chhattisgarh's Bastar district which used to be once dominated by Left Wing Extremism (LWE). (ANI)

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