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Amit Shah announces cash award for rural children who performed Yoga on BSF's 59th Raising Day

Hazaribagh: Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Friday announced Rs 1,000 each to a group of 25 rural children from different age groups who performed commendable yoga postures at Border Security Force's (BSF's) 59th Raising Day event organised for the first time in Hazaribagh.
These children, ranging in age group of 6 to 18 years, included 11 girls and 14 boys. The participants have been consistently practising yoga at the Mekhliganj-Bhotbari Yoga Centre, situated in the heart of West Bengal's Coochbehar district. Established in 2017 by a local youth, Ranjit Roy, this yoga centre has become a beacon of hope for rural youth living in the border area. It has been making remarkable strides in promoting yoga, fostering a sense of identity, and offering an avenue for talented young minds from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.
Pritilata Roy, Anupriya Roy, Sarathi Roy, Koyel Roy, Nabanita Roy, Manojay Roy, Shilpi Bhashak, Arjun Bhashak and Lokesh Roy were among the 25 rural boys and girls who performed the yoga postures in front of the Home Minister at the Rani Jhansi Parade Ground Training Centre and School at Hazaribagh.
The Home Minister asked officials concerned to provide Rs 1,000 each to these 25 children as they performed yoga postures, which grabbed the attention of everyone present in the ground.
What sets this group of 25 children apart is their unwavering dedication to yoga, all while synchronising their performances with patriotic songs and Indian classical music, thereby weaving a rich tapestry of culture, tradition, and health.
"The students of the Mekhliganj-Bhootbari Yoga Centre have not only honed their yoga skills but have also participated in various national and state-level competitions, showcasing their remarkable talent to the world," a BSF officer told ANI.
"Their (the children's) journey caught the attention of the Border Security Force units deployed under Sector Jalpaiguri and the North Bengal Frontier. The BSF recognised this group of children as a remarkable asset, hailing from an economically disadvantaged border population," said the officer.
"The BSF has been instrumental in supporting their efforts and fostering their sense of identity as a yoga group with a mission to promote yoga for the greater health benefits of society," the officer added.
To further encourage and integrate this talented group, BSF Jalpaiguri and local BSF units invite them to perform at various functions held at Border Outposts (BOPs) and Battalion Headquarters, said the officer, adding that "these functions, whether celebrating patriotism or showcasing cultural diversity, have consistently witnessed their mesmerising performances."
"On all these occasions, the young yoga enthusiasts were suitably rewarded with essential utility items to support their education, forging a stronger bond between them and the BSF. Today, they are an integral part of the BSF family," the officer added.
As per the officer, this event is a testament to the power of community, the fusion of culture and health, and the remarkable talent hidden in the hearts of rural youth.
"The Mekhliganj Bhotbari Yoga Centre, its young performers, and the Border Security Force have together created a heartwarming story of support, encouragement, and the transformative power of yoga," the officer said.

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