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Alliance Air’s attitude causing major issues for passengers

Jaipur: The arbitrariness of airlines is costly for passengers and in this regard, the ‘arbitrariness’ of Alliance Air has been causing serious problems to people as they cancel flights frequently.

Passengers are troubled by the frequent cancellation and delay of flights. An incident happened with a couple - Sudha Gupta-Ramavatar Gupta - returning from Ayodhya on 20th June whose flight was booked from Delhi. When the passengers reached Delhi airport at 3 pm, they were told that boarding was complete & they were not allowed to board flight.

The passengers said, “We waited at the airport till 3:45 pm and the staff said that the flight had taken off for Jaipur.” Due to the irresponsible attitude of the airline staff the passengers did not go to the airport and returned to Jaipur by taxi.

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