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Air quality is expected to improve in next two days: Delhi Environment Minister Gopal Rai

New Delhi: Delhi Environment Minister Gopal Rai on Sunday expressed hope that the air quality would continue to improve for the next two days owing to an increase in wind speed and probability of rain.
Delhi Environment Minister Gopal Rai said, "In the last two to three days there was a rise in pollution but today we have come out of the 'severe category'. It is predicted that from today the wind speed will increase, and there is a probability of rain also. The improvement in air quality, which is being noticed from today will continue to rise and in the next two days, air quality will improve.
Environment Minister Rai further said on Saturday there have been only 29 incidents of stubble burning.
"Supreme Court had given directions regarding actions to be taken on the ground level for a reduction in Delhi air pollution. The government is working on it with full force. I would also like to tell the people of Delhi that the pollution in north India as of today includes very few incidents of stubble burning...Now, pollution is rising in the north NCR area due to local pollution sources. I would like to urge that the manner in which GRAP III has been strictly implemented in Delhi, there should be regular monitoring in NCR too," Gopal Rai added.
Rai further said that biomass burning was also contributing to local pollution.
"The contribution of biomass burning is visible because the current pollution is due to local sources. It is coming from NCR to Delhi. I think we have to make a collective effort and the changes in the weather are also providing a scope for improvement in the air quality," he added.
He further said that when GRAP IV was removed people imagined that GRAP rules had been revoked and people started violating orders.
"We conducted a meeting and decided that GRAP III rules should be strictly implemented. All teams have been instructed to strictly monitor the implementation," he added.
Meanwhile, the air pollution in the National Capital declined to 'very poor' category from severe, with an overall Air Quality Index (AQI) recording at 393.
As per the official data recorded at 7:00 am on Sunday, an AQI of 433 was recorded at Ananad Vihar and 434 at Ashok Vihar.
Similarly, the AQI at Bawana stood at 437, while Jahangirpuri registered an AQI of 450, all falling into the severe category.
The AQI at the ITO in Delhi was recorded at 382 (very poor), while the IGI airport logged an AQI of 360 (very poor).
The Air Quality Index from 0 to 100 is considered 'good', 100 to 200 'moderate', 200 to 300 'poor', 300 to 400 'very poor' and from 400 to 500 or above 'severe'.

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