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Air India unveils new logo at rebranding event

New Delhi: The Tata-backed airline Air India on Thursday unveiled its new logo, replacing the previous "Wheel of Konark".
While addressing the rebranding event, Tata Sons chairman N Chandrasekaran said that "We are fully committed to this journey to make Air India a world-class airline."
"Today is an important milestone, because the new Air India, the vision we have for the airline is also in the backdrop of a new resurgent India, where the aspirations of everyone are limitless," Chandrasekaran said.
He said that the new logo symbol - ‘The Vista’ - is inspired by the peak of the gold window frame, signifying limitless possibilities, progressiveness, and the airline’s bold, confident outlook for the future. 
"We have been at work on the transformation during the last 15 months on this journey because our vision is to make this airline world class in terms of safety, customer service and experience that Air India used be known for but this requires enormous work on technology, fleet, maintenance, ground handling, operations and more," he said.
"We have ordered largest fleet. It is going to take time and in the meanwhile we have refurbished and got our current fleet in acceptable manner," he added. 
The rebranding of the Air India gained momentum after the Tatas took over the airline.

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